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Amelanchier Canadensis

Latin name: Amelanchier Canadensis
Common name: Shadbush or Shadblow

This small tree is ideal for small gardens. It has an attractive multi-stemmed structure during the winter months and provides a mass of white spring blossom, as well as brilliant red/bronze autumn colour. A great all rounder.

Amelanchier is tough multi-stemmed tree that will tolerate extremes of cold and wet, as well as urban pollution while also give a handsome display of spring blossom and autumn colour. This tree thrives on all neutral / acidic soils - but does not like very poor or chalky soils. Requiring minimum pruning or maintenance this tree will hold an attractive compact multi-stemmed habit, especially in when in full sun. Ideal at the back of a border or as a small specimen.

Small tree growing to roughly 1.5 - 3 metres tall, with the same width as height.

Available Sizes and Shapes

  Size (height in cm) Pot (in litres) Form/shape
16-18 130 Std
150-175 25

Plant care

Position: Position (Shelter):Full Sun to Partial Shade

Position (Soil Type):Any well drained soils
Feeding: Feeding in a border

Apply fertiliser at the manufacturers recommended rate during initial planting. Feed regularly during the first growing season to help the plant become established. After this, feed once per year in spring.

Feeding in pots for patio

Fertilise during initial planting at the manufacturers recommended rate, and thereafter twice per year in April and August.