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Betula Ermannii Holland

Latin name: Betula Ermannii Holland
Common name: Birch Holland

Medium sized tree with a well shaped, oval crown.

leaves are wide and oval, dark green. Yellow catkins in april.

Does not stand up well to wind, and will not tollerate poor soils.

reaches 10-15m tall.

Available Sizes and Shapes

  Size (height in cm) Pot (in litres) Form/shape
16-18 110 Std

Plant care

Position: Position (Shelter):Full Sun

Position (Soil Type):Any well drained soils
Feeding: Feeding in a border

Apply fertiliser at the manufacturers recommended rate during initial planting. Feed regularly during the first growing season to help the plant become established. After this, feed once per year in spring.

Feeding in pots for patio

Fertilise during initial planting at the manufacturers recommended rate, and thereafter twice per year in April and August.