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General Care Guide

This is a general care guide. It should be noted that some plants will have specific needs and should be cared for in the way stated on their own care-guide. These guides can be found by finding the plant in our product listings.

Height & Spread This varies greatly by variety. Please refer to the plants’ Variety Label, or find out more on that variety’s page here on the Instant Plants website.
Planting in a border A: Water the plant thoroughly prior to planting.

B: Dig a hole approximately twice the width of the container. Place the plant in the centre of the hole with the top of the root ball level with the surrounding soils.
Cover the root ball with a thin layer of soil.
Fill in the gaps with original soil mixed with 50% garden compost.

C: Firm the soil and water thoroughly.
Planting in pots for patio A: Choose a terracotta or earthenware pot with an internal diameter that is at least 10 centimetres wider than the original pot. Ensure the new pot has drainage holes in its base.

B: Remove the plastic pot and loosen the roots if required. Place in centre of pot and fill in gaps with a good quality potting compost, ensuring no air pockets are left.

C: Water well and keep moist at all times. To tell if you have the soil correctly watered; take a handful of the potting soil and squeeze it. If water begins to drip out, then it is too wet. It should be damp but not wet. Regular small waterings are better than one large soak.
Maintenance If the plant is in a pot on the patio or in the garden keep it moist at all times. Fertilize in April and August. Prune as often as needed to maintain current shape if required.

As a plant gets larger it can appear to be a bit sparser and 'lanky'?. This can be counteracted by regular pruning, as this encourages the plant to send out multiple new shoots at the site of the cut, helping to maintain the dense bushy look.