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A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that our range of Instant Plants are the best available.

So confident are we on their quality that all Instant Plants are guaranteed against failure for the first 2 years if planted in a border.

Such quality is achieved by travelling to our sources and hand-picking each and every plant to make sure they live up to the highest standards. This is backed up by meticulous and careful maintenance until date of purchase.

Should your plants fail to grow having followed both the general and specific aftercare guides, then simply return them to your place of purchase, along with the Instant Plants label and proof of purchase and we will be happy to give you a replacement of the same plant or another plant in the Instant Plant range.

Note on Plant Sizes:

All plant sizes given, regarding the height the plant may reach, is purely indicative of what the plant may reach if untended and allowed to grow into its natural height and shape. In some cases this may take many years, and is dependent on many variables, such as soil type, Soil PH, moisture, wind, sun, temperature etc.

The natural shape may be different from the plant you may be purchasing and may require pruning in order to maintain at this shape/size.

This does not affect your statutory rights.